Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Three Finger Rings

As I showed you in my last DIY post I'm recently working a lot with metal again. Obviously I want to explain you the process of making jewelry with metal sheets as I believe it is one of the best techniques for jewelry making at home. You do need some tools or/and material you don't necessarily have at home but it is definitely worth it getting them. If you find ready-made rings or metal pieces you can of course just skip the tutorial and start with gluing the pieces together.

Aluminium pipe (approx. ø2cm)
Aluminium sheet (1mm)
2-component adhesive
benzine/ rubbing alcohol

small saw ('Puk-Säge'- don't know the English word)
bench vise
Proxxon drill/ Dremel
metal shears
small hammer
Micro Mesh Sandpaper

1. Making the rings

For this step you'll need your saw, rasp, the pipe and a bench vise.

Place the pipe in the vise, mark the width of your ring and then saw. Make sure you saw straight or otherwise your ring is going to be asymmetric! Repeat this step three times for a three finger ring.

Shape the edges with a rasp until they won't hurt you anymore.
If the pipe does not fit your fingers perfectly, just cut it open with metal shears.

So easy!

2. Cutting the metal

Okay, this step is a little bit more complicated, but still manageable. You will need the Dremel/Proxxon/whatever, the metal sheet, your metal shears, a small hammer, Micro Mesh sandpaper (or something similar), a ruler and a marker.

Start off by drawing the shape of your ring. Mine is a square which is as long as three of my fingers are wide, but you can make any shape really. Then cut the whole thing out using your metal shears.
To flatten the square you may need to carefully hammer the metal.

Now it's time to shape the edges with your Dremel. Make sure they look nice and even.

The last step is polishing the whole square. Obviously you only need to do this on one side since the rings are going to be on the other.

3. Gluing

Last and most important step - glue both together! Therefore you need rubbing alcohol or benzine, a cloth and - of course- 2-component glue.

As you can see my glue is from 1998, actually my father got it from his mother, but it still works perfectly.
Clean both the ring and the square with alcohol or benzine. This will make the glue stick better.

Now apply the glue on one side of the square as shown in the picture. You don't need to apply it on the ring as well, but better safe than sorry!

Place your rings on the square. Make sure the rings are in the right order - you don't want your index finger ring to be next to your ring finger ring.
Let it dry over night and your very own three finger ring is finished!

I hope this all makes sense, just ask if you have any doubts :)


  1. Camilla I'm impressed!! Such a great tutorial and idea!! Thanks for sharing really, I'll definetelly stay here as a follower :)
    I'm a DIY blogger to from Barcelona, feel free to come to my blog to have a look whenever you want
    Big kisses

  2. These are so chic! Pinned it. Following you now. :)

    Aki @

  3. You are honestly so talented!

  4. Love this! I really love metal jewelry. I so want to make these even though I don't have any of the supplies :) But worth a trip to the hardware store! Pinned this tutorial and I'll probably feature it on my blog when I've made them. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you:) I hope you'll be successful, let me know!

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  7. Wie krass ich bin durch zufall auf deinen blog gestoßen und dachte: die kennst du doch irgendwoher!
    Haben uns mal in der magda kennengelernt mit felix zusammen. wusste garnicht, dass du so kreativ hochbegabt bist. seeehr geile sache!

    Ganz liebste grüße und keep it up!

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  9. Its a beautiful three finger ring looking awesome and stylish. You did great job and thank for giving us such a unique idea.