Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Safety Pin Lamp

Unfortunately I didn't have time for my blog lately but I hope this will change with the beginning of summer holidays as I have loads of projects to share.
This post is another Home DIY on making a safety pin lamp. It was basically a project at my art class in school and therefor I do not have any pictures of the process itself, but I try my best to describe it anyways.

Safety Pins (1300 pieces)
chicken wire
bulb fitting

1. Making the shade
You will need chicken wire, wire, pliers and pincers to make the basic shade for your lamp. Try to form a bell-like shape by folding the chicken wire. I used a bowl as help.
When you're satisfied with the form, snip off the folds and connect the cuts with wire.
Now you'll have to cut a hole for the bulb fitting  and the cable in the chicken wire. It should be narrow enough so that the bulb fitting won't slip out.

2. Add the safety pins
 Most easiest but also must time-consuming step. I started off making long chains out of the safety pins and then hooked them in the chicken wire. I went from the top were the hole is downwards so that the density of the safety pins is the same all over. Sometimes I had to hook one chain in twice to prevent them from tangling up. Make sure the chains have different lengths!

 3. Install the light
The last step is of course installing the bulb fitting. I even added a switch to the cord, but that is obviously not necessary.


  1. LOVE! May have to try to create this.

  2. This is my next project - I love how it looks and the unconventional materials. Bravo!

  3. Just fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing.