Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY Chained Rings

Inspired by collar chains, I decided to make a tutorial on how to make chained rings. It is probably easier than the Three Finger Rings Tutorial and you wont need that many special supplies.

What you need:
Aluminium tube (approx. ø 2cm)
2 jump rings
Chain (approx. 4.5 cm)
Small saw for metal (PUK)
Drill  (drill bit: ø2mm)
Bench vise
(Metal shears/pincers)

For the basic ring, you need to place the tube in the bench vise and decide how wide your rings should be. The rings I made are about 1cm wide. Mark the width on the tube and then saw it.

Now drill a hole in each ring. Make sure you place them near the edge of the ring otherwise the jump ring will not fit.

If the tube does not fit your fingers perfectly, make a cut at the back of the ring (opposite to the hole) with metal shears or pincers.
To prevent the metal from scratching you round off the edges with a rasp, especially the opening at the back.

Cut the chain and attach the jump rings to the ends and through the holes in your rings.


Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Embellished Cushion

The inspiration for this project came from this DIY, which was actually inspired by an Anthropologie ornament. And again, it is not a very quick DIY - but you will definitely have a unique product for very little money.
You need:
Cotton fabric (about 60x30cm)
Beads/ sequins/ rhinestones/ embroidery floss
Matching thread & needle
Filling material (e.g. cotton)
Fabric scissors 

Draw two equal squares on the fabric depending on how big you want your cushion, in my case about 27x27cm and cut them out (don't forget the seam allowance!).

Sew on whatever beads/sequins/rhinestones you have. I decided not to focus on one colour, style or pattern, I just tried to keep the lines straight and parallel.

When you are satisfied your embellishment, pin and sew three sides, leaving the fourth open.

Now stuff the half-sewn cushion with your filling material. I used cheap cotton I got from the drugstore but you can also use fabric scraps or cotton wool or whatever.

Close the cushion by hand-sewing the remaining opening.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY Home

Since I stopped spending my time senselessly on facebook and spend it on my blog instead, I decided to open a new category, which is going to be DIY Home. I am currently working on some tutorials but for the start I'll show you some great DIY ideas for your home I found on other blogs. Have fun!

1. Faceted Hexagonal Ornament via Feathers of Gold ; 2. Chalkboard Map via Here Comes the Sun ; 3. Landscape Pillow via Poppytalk ; 4. Toddler Art Dishware via Small & Friendly ; 5. Geometrical Lamp via Weekday Carnival