Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Triangle Collar Chain

I don't know why this blog is all about jewelry and accessoires really, even though I had absolutely no intention. And although I write this blog mainly for myself, I still got kind of excited when the traffic on my blog changed from nearly nothing to something today. Anyways, because of that here comes another tutorial using the technique I showed you in this DIY post.

Aluminium Sheet Metal
2 brooch pins
Silver chain (approx. 27 cm)
Silver jump rings
2-component adhesive

Metal shears
Micro Mesh sandpaper

You start off by constructing the triangles. It has to be wider than your brooch pins are and should be rectangular, so that fits in the corners of your collar.
Afterwards you trace it on the metal, cut it out with your metal shears and trim the edges with your Dremel/Proxxon, following the instructions in this post.

Before you polish the triangles, you want to drill a hole in both. Make sure you mark them in the corners where the right angle is. Carefully drill the holes and polish one side, because obviously the other side will not be seen.

Mix the glue as written on the package and apply it on the brooch pins. Place them on the unpolished side of the triangles, opposite to the hole, but do not press! Let it dry over night.
Cut the chain: One piece should be about 13,5 cm long, the other one a little bit shorter. Attach them on each side with a jump ring and connect them with the triangles.

Check out this post for ready-made collar chains!

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  1. That is so creative and cute! I would try but I'm not as talented.

    I followed you on GFC, hopefully you can do the same!