Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Rhinestone Peter Pan Collar

Another collar and again rhinestones! I'm actually not that much of a glitter type when it comes to clothes but somehow I like to make glittery things, especially glittery things around the neck.
The other weird habit I have is that I always plan those big and time-consuming DIY's and most of them end up in some corner of my room, waiting to be finished. I actually thought that this DIY may end up the same way as well. But against my expectations I did finished this collar after maany many hours of sewing.
And that's what I did: I used two layers of white cotton for the base, sewed the rhinestones on it, added a black ribbon on each side and covered the back with black felt. Sounds easy, but takes so much time! 

(Wonderful Indian bedsheets, I know)

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