Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Origami Crane Dress

I don't know were it comes from but I recently get so many ideas for complicated costume-like dresses which you wouldn't ever really wear. Even though it's kind of senseless to make them I decided to try to realize one of my ideas, mostly for the process itself. I could probably use this for a photoshoot one day.
Also I'm inspired by paper the last weeks. I love the way how ripped paper looks like and how it's light and translucent as well as strong. And as I wrote in a previous post I love white on white, so, tadaa, what I came up with is a Origami Crane Dress.
I know this sounds kind of ridiculous and yes, it maybe is. But then I at least tried!
As you maybe know the origami crane is a symbol of peace and a legend says that a person's wish comes true after folding 1000 cranes. Also I personally feel like they're not only a symbol for peace but for freedom as well. I find it quite fascinating how a normal piece of paper can turn into something beautiful and meaningful like this small crane.
So here's my plan: A white dress with a skirt out of paper cranes. I'm not a hundred percent sure when it comes to the top, I will maybe add something paper like at the front section. The skirt is going to be longer at the back and shorter at the front. I sewed tulle between the basic white cotton dress and the cranes to give some volume to the skirt and white chiffon over it to cover the tulle.
The basic dress is just a simple strapless and short dress out of cotton I had lying around.
Now it comes to the annoying part: folding the cranes. I've 'only' folded about 150 cranes and I will probably need about a thousand or more. It's crazy, I know. But all me wishes will hopefully be true after that!

Basic Dress

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