Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Disco Ball Bra

Probably because I live in Berlin I love going out and especially going to clubs. And also I'm quite obsessed with black clothes (as well as white but it's kinda hard to keep them white in a club). Wearing black and not looking the same every weekend can be quite a challenge sometimes. For New Year's Eve I found some tutorials on making bras and got inspired!
Magdalena Club in Berlin via Berlin in Pictures

I just grabbed an old black bra, some old CDs and my hot glue gun. I cut the CDs in little equal squares an glued them on. You need a little patience and a pair of strong scissors ! 
Note: Some CDs may crack while cutting, so you should get some extra CDs!

On New Year's I wore the bra under a sheer black blouse I got from a turkish shop in Berlin-Neukölln for 6 Euros and the necklace I made in this post. I wouldn't wear it with a tight tank top because I feel like this looks a little bit cheap.

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  1. Sieht wirklich super aus und ist sehr passend für Club-Besuche ;)
    Schade, dass du kein Bild zusammen mit der Bluse hochgeladen hast - bin mir aber sicher, dass das sehr gut aussieht und sich von den anderen Outfits abhebt :)