Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sketchbooks and DIY Fashionary

I love the idea of having a notebook to gather all your ideas and inspirations. I always have the problem that I just simply forget my ideas or that I'm not able to order them properly so that it becomes a real project.
When I was surfing in the internet I found an awesome sketchbook called 'Fashionary'. The special thing about this book is that the pages are not completely white-  hardly visible figure templates are printed on every second page. But as usually I don't have the money to buy a sketchbook for US $23.90.
Lucky me my father is a graphic designer and has a machine to make sketchbooks. I printed figure and  two different shoe templates on  DIN A 5 pages, added some blank pages and fashion illustrations and made my own Fashionary. I glued fake leather on the front and back side, tied a satin ribbon as bookmark on the top and used an elastic to close the book.
What you could also do instead of making a new sketchbook is take an empty sketchbook and draw the templates with a stencil on the pages.

Actually my sketchbook is nearly full so I had to find a new one because I obviously don't have the opportunity to make a second Fashionary. I think Jaipur, or at least India, is the best place to find cheap and wonderful notebooks. There is one section of the Tripolia bazar with about five stores selling only notebooks. If you know the prices you can easily get really nice sketchbooks for under 2 € and smaller or simple ones for about 50 cents.
Until now I bought one white leather sketchbook for fashion designs and two covered with pink and rose sari-fabric for Indian recipes and Hindi vocabulary. I think each of them was 2 € but I'm not one hundred percent sure. I also bought a small notebook out of brown and embossed leather for Indian patterns.

My Inspiration Book

My new sketchbook
draft made with watercolor

notebook for Hindi vocabulary
Notebook for Indian recipes

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