Friday, June 8, 2012

Silver Bandeau

Today I was thinking of sewing something and suddenly found myself with a silver fabric in my hands. I bought it months ago at the Maybachufer-market but I never used it. I planned to make a skirt but I was afraid that I'll never wear it. Unfortunately I only bought 1/2 meter ... But better waste it maybe than never try it. So I started making a bandeau.

I cut two pieces and started to hem it but then I realized that the fabric is too thin to sew it so I had to glue the seams with a textile-glue. Of course this is not as safe as sewing but since the fabric is so thin and quality poor it's gonna fall in parts in a little while anyway. But I love how the fabric reflects the lights and I believe that this bandeau will add a special touch to your outfit:)

By the way, the top I'm wearing on the picture is also a DIY Project. It's really really simple, I just bought a plain chemise at the Maybachufer for only 1 € and printed a galaxy-cross ( I know, often seen) with the help of 'Transferfolien' on it. I don't know how it's called in English unfortunately:(

Top: DIY, Bandeau: DIY, Jeans: Pimkie


  1. beides sieht genial aus. ich bewundere leute, die die kreativität und vor allem den durchhaltewillen haben, ihre kleidung selber zu machen.
    liebe grüsse,

    1. Danke:) bei mir mangelts meistens eher an der Geduld, leider!:D

  2. Sehr süßer Blog und ich folge dir mal.
    Vielleicht magst du mir ja auch folgen?
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen.


  3. keine schlechte Idee, ich find das Top wirklich gut!:)