Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be inspired by Vogue Fashion News

I love the Vogue. I know I could never buy anything shown in the Vogue and that it's mostly promotion but anyway I'm always getting really inspired. But what I love even more than the regular Vogue are the Vogue Fashion News. I like the idea of collecting pictures on one topic.

Vogue Fashion News Cover Germany July 2012
Vogue Fashion News Germany July 2012


  1. oh wow, i rarely buy vogue. simply because it's not availible in my country--so i need extra cash to buy them straight from the US--and the brands are too high-classes for me :D but i love your vogue's fashion news! probably it's the camera angle but those girls' feet are pretty much sexy with patent leather skirt <33

    1. I got the subscription as a gift of my parents and I'm soo happy with it! yeah I think so too: