Friday, June 15, 2012

Be inspired by ballet dresses
Private Edition Magazine

I'm in love with dancing since I'm three years old, but lately I'm especially inspired by any kind of ballet dresses. I think ballet dresses have their own 'soul'.
Currently Valentino is designing costumes for the New York City Ballet Fall opening. I'm already excited seeing those dresses! You can read about it here.
I just finished my first tutu-inspired skirt and I'm soon going to create a dress out of it. Of course I'll show you some pictures then:)
Private Edition Magazine,pink,pretty,ruffles,editorial,dress-f529e757a0a58f29c4081888f908c9d2_h.jpg
The Nutcracker Costumes of New York City Ballet,2006 via Rachel Papo


  1. OMG I looove this post so much, these photographs are just so amazing! :D Anyway...

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  2. I've always been fascinated by tutu skirts and dresses! In love with dancing since 3? You are talented :-)

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    Pls add mine, too!


    1. Of course you couldn't really call it dancing, it was more like jumping aroud, but anyway;)
      I also added you:)


  3. I completely adore such elegance and grace in ballerinas;)
    may be we could follow each other-just let me know and I'll return the favor


  4. i love this post! so creative!:)

  5. I love these dresses!! What are the bottom ones on the rack made of as I would like to design some like it and need to know what fabric to buy