Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: Personalize your transparent H&M-shoes!

Via H&M
A few days ago I bought these shoes at H&M for 14,95 €. I think they look good as they are, but of course everyone will wear them soon. So what do to ?
The answer is : duct tape! In any shapes, colours, sizes, whatever. And the best thing: these shoes will go with anything. You can remove the tape whenever you like, so you can easily create a 'new' pair of shoes every day.
I only had red and black duct tape lying around, but I hope to find neon duct tape somewhere...

Red Zig-Zag

Black & Simple

Black Triangle

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be inspired by Vogue Fashion News

I love the Vogue. I know I could never buy anything shown in the Vogue and that it's mostly promotion but anyway I'm always getting really inspired. But what I love even more than the regular Vogue are the Vogue Fashion News. I like the idea of collecting pictures on one topic.

Vogue Fashion News Cover Germany July 2012
Vogue Fashion News Germany July 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Be inspired by ballet dresses

Private Edition Magazine

I'm in love with dancing since I'm three years old, but lately I'm especially inspired by any kind of ballet dresses. I think ballet dresses have their own 'soul'.
Currently Valentino is designing costumes for the New York City Ballet Fall opening. I'm already excited seeing those dresses! You can read about it here.
I just finished my first tutu-inspired skirt and I'm soon going to create a dress out of it. Of course I'll show you some pictures then:)

Private Edition Magazine


The Nutcracker Costumes of New York City Ballet,2006 via Rachel Papo

Friday, June 8, 2012

Silver Bandeau

Today I was thinking of sewing something and suddenly found myself with a silver fabric in my hands. I bought it months ago at the Maybachufer-market but I never used it. I planned to make a skirt but I was afraid that I'll never wear it. Unfortunately I only bought 1/2 meter ... But better waste it maybe than never try it. So I started making a bandeau.

I cut two pieces and started to hem it but then I realized that the fabric is too thin to sew it so I had to glue the seams with a textile-glue. Of course this is not as safe as sewing but since the fabric is so thin and quality poor it's gonna fall in parts in a little while anyway. But I love how the fabric reflects the lights and I believe that this bandeau will add a special touch to your outfit:)

By the way, the top I'm wearing on the picture is also a DIY Project. It's really really simple, I just bought a plain chemise at the Maybachufer for only 1 € and printed a galaxy-cross ( I know, often seen) with the help of 'Transferfolien' on it. I don't know how it's called in English unfortunately:(

Top: DIY, Bandeau: DIY, Jeans: Pimkie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Rhinestone Necklace

A couple of weeks ago I made a necklace which combines a filigree rhinestone-chain, a normal silver chain and a large silver chain. It's not that special but I like it anyways. As I said, I love the combination of oppositional materials. For the day I normally wear this necklace with bright chiffon and for the evening I prefer wearing it with a ripped blacked top or something.

What you'll need:
a rhinestone-chain
a medium-sized chain
a large and heavy chain
jump rings
a clasp

Actually it's really easy to made. First, you cut your chains (the rhinestone-chain should be the shortest one and the large chain the longest). Then you connect them with jump rings and finally attach the clasp - finished!
I got all my materials at the Maybachufer market in Berlin for around 3 €.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be Inspired by Iris van Herpen

Since I read about Iris van Herpen in the Vogue, I'm quite fascinated by her work. It's very futuristic and definitely no streetwear. But I like the idea of clothing as art and although it's very conceptual I'm kind of inspired by her. Looking at her clothes somehow creates strong feelings, I think. Sometimes I'm just fascinated, sometimes it's even kind of disgusting. It's unbelievable Iris van Herpen is only 28 years old! 
You can buy the book 'Iris van Herpen' here. Unfortunately it costs 50 € :(

Capriole- Paris Haute Couture Show
Capriole - Paris Haute Couture Show
Capriole- Haute Couture Show

Friday, June 1, 2012

White Over All

Domir Doma A/W 11
Just a few weeks ago I couldn't even think of a beautiful, white outfit. But Love Aesthetics definitely changed my mind. I'm thinking of starting a minimalistic project with white sheer fabric and white jersey. I am inspired by -of course- Love Aesthetics, Celine, Domir Doma and partly Viktor & Rolf, although I want to keep it more simple.I know it's a little bit last season, but I don't care.

Celine Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Celine Spring 2011
Viktor & Rolf S/S 2011