Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Dip-Dye Shirt

This is probably one of my easiest and at the same time best DIYs ever. Plus it's very cheap as you basically only need white cotton and fabric color.
I divided this tutorial in two parts:
  A. Making the shirt
  B. Dyeing it
If you already got a shirt you can obviously skip the first part and the other way around.

What you need:
  • white cotton, 1m (depending on width of the fabric you may need more)
  • fabric color & vinegar/salt (see pack or ask seller)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors  
  • measuring tape

A. Making the skirt
Take your measurements and create the pattern. It should look like this ( I know my Paint-skills are awesome) :

For example: My chest measurement is 84 cm, so the shirt is gonna be about 44 cm wide.
Simply use one of your tops as pattern for the armhole. Don't forget the seam allowance!
Sew as shown  in the picture. You should only sew about 1cm at the upper part as you don't want to have any sleeves.
Afterwards hem all the seams.

2. Dyeing 
Prepare your color as described on the pack. But don't put all the color at once in the water, just use a little bit first. Dip the lower part (up to your armhole) of your shirt in the water for a few seconds. Repeat it two or three times but don't go that high anymore. Add some color and dip it without going that high. Again repeat it, add some color, repeat it... until your happy with the result. You should wear gloves - otherwise your hands will be colored for a couple of days.
Wash out the excessive color and let your shirt dry.

And that's all!

This is my first tutorial so it might be a little bit confusing. Please ask me if you don't understand everything!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sketchbooks and DIY Fashionary

I love the idea of having a notebook to gather all your ideas and inspirations. I always have the problem that I just simply forget my ideas or that I'm not able to order them properly so that it becomes a real project.
When I was surfing in the internet I found an awesome sketchbook called 'Fashionary'. The special thing about this book is that the pages are not completely white-  hardly visible figure templates are printed on every second page. But as usually I don't have the money to buy a sketchbook for US $23.90.
Lucky me my father is a graphic designer and has a machine to make sketchbooks. I printed figure and  two different shoe templates on  DIN A 5 pages, added some blank pages and fashion illustrations and made my own Fashionary. I glued fake leather on the front and back side, tied a satin ribbon as bookmark on the top and used an elastic to close the book.
What you could also do instead of making a new sketchbook is take an empty sketchbook and draw the templates with a stencil on the pages.

Actually my sketchbook is nearly full so I had to find a new one because I obviously don't have the opportunity to make a second Fashionary. I think Jaipur, or at least India, is the best place to find cheap and wonderful notebooks. There is one section of the Tripolia bazar with about five stores selling only notebooks. If you know the prices you can easily get really nice sketchbooks for under 2 € and smaller or simple ones for about 50 cents.
Until now I bought one white leather sketchbook for fashion designs and two covered with pink and rose sari-fabric for Indian recipes and Hindi vocabulary. I think each of them was 2 € but I'm not one hundred percent sure. I also bought a small notebook out of brown and embossed leather for Indian patterns.

My Inspiration Book

My new sketchbook
draft made with watercolor

notebook for Hindi vocabulary
Notebook for Indian recipes

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Be inspired by the colors of India!

What I maybe love the most about India are all the colors. And when I found these two color-stores at the Tripolia bazar in Jaipur  I immediately felt in love. They each have about 24 different types of colors, for example dying and painting pigments. I guess I will buy every single dying and painting color at the end of my stay. Until now I've bought a purple fabric color to dye a shirt which was discolored during the washing and a pink neon color for painting but it's also suitable for the skin. Both colors were very cheap and the pink color will probably last forever.

red color for the 'Tikka', a red stripe at the hairline for married women

pink colour I bought (actually even more pink in real, was about 0,60 €)
shirt I dyed (starring my great 'shower')

Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Photoshoots

Today I stumbled upon Michelle's Blog A million miles from here and as I did I really missed the shootings I did back home with my sister. But I also wanted to share my pictures with you. Since I don't have all my photos on my laptop I can only show you a few from different shootings.


Kreta, 2011



Treptower Park, Berlin 2011

Paris 2010

Saturday, July 21, 2012


As I told you in this post about my love to ballet dresses, I planned to make kind of a ballet dress. Actually, I started creating one but I wasn't able to finish it before I left :( So what I'll show you is my not-sewed concept. Again I'm sorry that the pictures are not that good, but they weren't meant to be published when I took them. Also it's not a 'real' Tutu but anyway!
I bought the self-adhesive rhinestones at a discounter in Berlin but I'm gonna glue it with jewelry glue I guess. And I will sew a bra underneath the white body tight to make sure it's not see-through and it fits me. I wish I could finish it right now!


This is my first project for Fine Arts in India. Sorry for the quality, but I don't have a scanner in here :(

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be inspired by the Gates of the City Palace of Jaipur

Now that I am in India for 5 months I get a lot of inspiration from everywhere. I try to share as much as I can with you!
My first Indian Inspiration Post is about the Indian architecture or basically about the patterns which are used to decorate the City Palace of Jaipur, where I live right now. I was really fascinated of the gates there because they had such nice paintings on it. They represent the four seasons in a very beautiful and unique way.
I also have a book about Indian Patterns which my father gave me and I do like it, but since it's only black and white I want to collect all special patterns I see and make a book out of it. I hope I'm not gonna be too lazy ;)

Gates of the City Palace of Jaipur

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: Personalize your transparent H&M-shoes!

Via H&M
A few days ago I bought these shoes at H&M for 14,95 €. I think they look good as they are, but of course everyone will wear them soon. So what do to ?
The answer is : duct tape! In any shapes, colours, sizes, whatever. And the best thing: these shoes will go with anything. You can remove the tape whenever you like, so you can easily create a 'new' pair of shoes every day.
I only had red and black duct tape lying around, but I hope to find neon duct tape somewhere...

Red Zig-Zag

Black & Simple

Black Triangle

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be inspired by Vogue Fashion News

I love the Vogue. I know I could never buy anything shown in the Vogue and that it's mostly promotion but anyway I'm always getting really inspired. But what I love even more than the regular Vogue are the Vogue Fashion News. I like the idea of collecting pictures on one topic.

Vogue Fashion News Cover Germany July 2012
Vogue Fashion News Germany July 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Be inspired by ballet dresses
Private Edition Magazine

I'm in love with dancing since I'm three years old, but lately I'm especially inspired by any kind of ballet dresses. I think ballet dresses have their own 'soul'.
Currently Valentino is designing costumes for the New York City Ballet Fall opening. I'm already excited seeing those dresses! You can read about it here.
I just finished my first tutu-inspired skirt and I'm soon going to create a dress out of it. Of course I'll show you some pictures then:)
Private Edition Magazine,pink,pretty,ruffles,editorial,dress-f529e757a0a58f29c4081888f908c9d2_h.jpg
The Nutcracker Costumes of New York City Ballet,2006 via Rachel Papo